Mastery Series

The final piece of the puzzle to complete your PSLE journey. It’s the time of the year for us to go the extra mile for you. It has been our tradition to provide complimentary additional support to our P6 students in preparation for the PSLE. Exclusive to LCentral Primary 6 students, this series of resources and support activities equips students with the skills and strategies to achieve their personal best for PSLE English. The objective is to provide targeted support outside of the regular lessons to help students prepare for each exam component tested in PSLE English. This year, we are going digital! LCentral’s PSLE Exam Mastery Series Microsite is a one-stop platform for students to access all available resources. Look out for informative videos, practice tests, quizzes, workshop sessions, consultation sessions and more, coming your way!

PSLE Exam Mastery Schedule

Refer to this calendar for the exam dates and a recommended schedule from our English Specialists on how you can use the resources that we have strategically curated on this microsite.